Jr High Drop Out

The Case of the Haunted Hayride

I, Denise, Cadence, Brent, Kyoko, Hanna, Chris Susko, and Chris Susko's woman all went to the Hunt Club Halloween thingy last night.

Firstly, regardless of what lies others might spread in the wake of this event, I carried myself with dignity and respect.

Secondly, much fun was had by all. There were long lines and stupid, lying pizza men, but once you get past that, the night was brisk but not cold and the events were well done. Those that didn't go are worse for having abstained.

Denise and Kyoko and the children (Hanna and Cadence) spent most of their time in the main barn area with the music and dancing and *GASP* karaoke! You haven't lived til you've seen a drunk dude in a poor wolfman costume singing along to Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London. It hurt my ears and soul in ways unspeakable.

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