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Out of town til Monday

I'll be out of town til this coming Monday. Everyone have a Merry Christmas (or Enjoyable Festivity of your Religious or Secular Preference) and I'll see you on the flip side.

As always, I leave with a topic for discussion:

Is Shakespeare's Measure For Measure a Comedy, a Tragedy, or a Comedy of a Tragedy? A quote of Angelo making his dire proposal to Isabella should help get you started:

"Who will believe thee, Isabel?
My unsoil'd name, th' austerness of my life,
My vouch against you, and my place i' th' state,
Will so your accusation overweigh,
That you shall stifle in your own report,
And smell of culumny." (Act II, Scene iv, Lines 154-159)

Sounds like a grave tragedy indeed! Then why is it counted amongst his comedies? Ponder and I shall return anon with thy answer, good reader. :)

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