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A Halloween Followup

As you may know, I get the occasional comment about my blog from the provided "Make a Comment" links. The door is always open should someone really want their comment made public. This is the case today with Shep. He's requested that I include his addendum to my Origin of Halloween post. So, without editing or censoring, I present tonight's guest blog entry from Shep:

My favorite part of Holloween is when teenage kids unsuspectinly bite into an apple with razor blades stuck in it. Then they turn to you with eyes wide and a razor blade stuck between their two front teeth, like some kind of demonic dental floss. They mumble something like "Help me!" but you can't understand them because it comes out like, "Helphmpfp Muuhhh" Hahahaha! Good times.

So, now you know. If you reply to an entry of mine and want your comment known (as long as it's not just "Tom is the g@y sux0r!" or something like that) just make it known in your reply that you want it posted. As you can see, I'll post just about anything.

So Shep, now that you're famous, you'll be beating the womenfolk off with a stick! Look forward to your riches and glory.

#holidays #friends #wtf

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